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We have built a simple mobile
platform that helps you create your
own branded community.

Our platform can be tied into talent and brands. Our goal at Enrich is to tap into that human desire to communicate in a way that feels like you’re face to face, even if you’re far away while putting the best and relevant content out there that makes you yearn to always come back to our platform. "The first time you use it, and can see what they’re seeing, it makes you feel close." The camera has replaced the computer cursor as a way we communicate.


Whatever your desire or focus – be it sports, music, fitness, food or anything else, we help you gain the most value from your community. Our simple mobile platform allows you to create your own branded app then publish a range of content, interact with your community, monetize how you wish and grow your following.

We allow you to publish and push any new or archived content direct to your community’s phones. Give your followers exclusive first access to whatever you desire and reach 100% of your app audience. Keep an archive of all your content in one place.
Our Enrich platform gives you the freedom to choose how you generate revenue from your community. Whether it’s free or subscription, ad funded or sponsored, we can help you commercialize your content in a multitude of ways.
We create a place to interact directly with your community and build a greater connection with your most valuable audience. Fans can share their passion through posts and messaging. Give exclusive access and recognize and reward your most avid supporters with reposts, fan of the month or meet and greets.
You get exclusive access to your community, their data and their analytics. Understand who they are, where they are and what they like (or don’t like). Consider them your very own research panel. Test out ideas and get instant feedback, through your own dashboard.


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